Bensimon Diamonds

We worked with Bensimon Diamonds pre-launch to communicate their brand story and unique offer, and provide SEO copywriting for the website.



Buying an engagement ring can be one of the most significant purchases in your lifetime.
And choosing the right one can be one of the most challenging decisions of your lifetime.

Often, we don’t know exactly what kind of ring our partner would like to wear. What do they imagine their engagement ring will look like?

Shopping for the ring together can be awkward, and many people want to keep the proposal a surprise.

Our solution is to Give a Diamond. A beautiful diamond, in a stunning custom-made box.

Giving a Diamond still allows for proposals on bended knee, over breakfast in bed, at the top of mountains, or wherever suits the couple.

They still have a dazzling gift to present. And once the answer’s ‘Yes’, couples can build an engagement ring together.

Posted on March 22nd, by Lou Pardi in Copywriting