Retrojan product branding and website copywriting

Client: Retrojan

Brief: Provide concepts for and name furniture and interior products collections. Provide fun, engaging SEO copy for Retrojan’s website. Copywrite brand and owner biographies and key messages for multiple purposes including LinkedIn, social media and public relations.

In collaboration with: Marketing: Code Name Max, Public Relations: Kate & Co

It’s here:

Excerpt from furniture website copy:

At the end of the day you just want to fall into someone’s arms, and they may as well be Ginger’s. Lie back in one of these gorgeous lounge chairs, put your feet up on the stool and take a load off.

These are the kind of lounge chairs that are comfortable in front of the TV or in a study nook and will even let you drape all your clothes over them in the bedroom.

Have you been looking for the right lounge chairs to take in a film, read a book or just a have a quiet snooze? This could be the chair.

Ginger’s generosity expires when you pull out a Playstation. She’s just not that kind of girl.