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At agency marou, we collaborate with agencies and organisations to bring brands and consumers closer together. We do this by creating authentic marketing and communications collateral and activities and by building loyal communities.

We have observed that at the core of brands are people who, more often than not, are passionate about the very same things their customers are. We find ways to start conversations about that common ground creating long-lasting connections and passionate ambassadors.

We bring together the skills of journalists – finding true stories and engaging angles, with the strengths of marketing and communications theory – attracting an audience to perform a particular behaviour. We provide collateral and communications for clients that not only achieves measurable results, but is authentic and builds a loyal following over the long-term.

Our services include brand storytelling, copywriting, social media strategy and management, custom publishing and a range of complementary marketing and communications services. We can help tell your story, identify channels to reach your target audience, and create engaging content and collateral to deliver your message.

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