Our people

Lou Pardi, Creative Director

Lou Pardi started agency marou in response to the growing number of brand channels being created by organisations across multiple industries. Originally intended as a content agency to provide authentic more ‘human’ content for social media environments, where brands were finding keeping up with content creation a challenge, the agency soon grew in response to demand for marketing, copywriting, communications and strategy services.

Lou has over a decade of experience as a journalist and copywriter. She was previously the Editor of SMK, a blog focused on social media and digital action in Australasia. She was a food writer for The Melbourne Review, Melbourne Editor-at-Large for Peppermint Magazine and her work has appeared in Time Out, Triple J, Broadsheet, Postcards and other print and digital magazines. She is active in social media and a keen advocate for the communities which can be built and nurtured through social media channels.

In a previous life, Lou worked in the legal industry and has a thorough understanding of legal, medical, engineering and corporate vocabularies, together with food and arts vernacular. She also had a short stint as a stand-up comedian, in the early noughties, so is particularly sensitive to considering her audience.